Maree Cassimatis

Maree Cassimatis is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist delivering exercise interventions to assist in the management and treatment of various health conditions, including musculoskeletal, cardiometabolic and neurological disorders. Maree is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, currently undertaking a thesis project that investigates the effects of concussion on sleep. Throughout her candidature, Maree has worked in close affiliation with the Kids Concussion Service at the Children’s Hospital Institute of Sports Medicine, examining various aspects of concussion aftercare (including early recognition, timely intervention, exercise prescription to aid recovery and tailored treatment plans). Maree aims to produce concussion research that has clinically meaningful impact through working collaboratively with other researchers in this field and communicating with the patients and families of those affected by concussion. Maree is also a teaching fellow at The University of Sydney.