Paula Walters

Paula Walters is the Founder of Standing Courageous Inc. She is a Certified Master Life Coach, a paramedic of 19 years, and a national speaker. She is also a survivor of child abuse, domestic violence, near-fatal strangulation, Traumatic Brain Injury and sexual assault. Since 2015, she and her educational staff have led the charge to raise awareness in first responders, social workers, healthcare professionals, and those working with the abused populations. Paula is passionate about advocating for those that are abused and raising awareness about the psychological, physical, and invisible impacts from traumatic abuse. Drawing upon her thirteen-year journey of several incorrect medical diagnoses, Paula has swiftly become a nationally recognized motivational speaker and educator. After a three-year journey, she is now medicine-free and lives only with a single medical diagnosis – Traumatic Brain Injury. A proponent for total body wellness, functional health, and the concept of “rewiring” after trauma, Paula seeks to inspire others to triumph over personal trauma and tragedy.