Professor Jake Olivier


Jake Olivier is a Professor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the Deputy Director of the Transport and Road Safety Research Centre at UNSW Sydney. He received his PhD in mathematics from The University of Mississippi in 2003. Prior to his current position, Jake was the team leader of the biostatistics group with the UNSW Prince of Wales Clinical School and has previously held academic positions at the NSW Injury Risk Management Research Centre and the Department of Preventive Medicine at The University of Mississippi Medical Center. Professor Olivier is a statistician whose research is in biostatistical methods and road safety with an emphasis on vulnerable road users. He also routinely collaborates with many biomedical and public health researchers. His research interests are in deriving estimators for regression to the mean, improving causal inference from quasi-experimental designs, deriving population attributable fractions using external prevalence estimates, and estimating effect sizes for epidemiological measures. His research has assisted in informing public health policy, by providing testimony to the NSW Staysafe Committee on two occasions (pedestrian safety and school zones) and the Australian Senate Standing Committee on Economics’ Inquiry into Personal Choice and Community Impacts.